Thanks for visiting. This is studio 35, portfolio of graphic artist Ruben Nuñez. I specialize in maximum impact graphics for musicians and ministries. Whether you need professional web design, t-shirt design, cd album artwork, powerful event graphics, or full color jaw dropping printing, count on me to deliver on time and on budget.

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RCC Chile

Client:RCC Chile (Chile)
Scope:Poster Design

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Jon Carlo

Client: Jon Carlo (TX, USA)
Scope:Logo Design, Poster Design, Web Design, CD Cover Design, T-shirt Design, Facebook Design, Twitter Design, Press Booklet.
Jon Carlo is an internationally renown Catholic Recording Artist. Studio 35 was brought on to create his debut cd, logo design and branding, various tour t-shirt designs, screenprinting, dvd case design, and tour promotional graphics.

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RCC Diocese of Orange

Client: RCC Diocese of Orange (CA, USA)
Scope: Event Graphics (Flyers, Posters & Tickets), Full color printing.
Over the past 2+ years the RCC of the Diocese of Orange has relied on Studio 35 for the design and printing of event graphics for their numerous conferences and concerts.

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Our Lady of Refuge Church

Client: Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church (Castroville, CA)
Scope: Web Design, Facebook & Twitter Design, Photography.
Website for the Castroville Catholic Parish Our Lady of Refuge. Website is built on the powerful wordpress platform, and offers an advanced homepage slider, events calendar, gallery, blog and various forms. Visit Site

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Tony Escamilla

Client: Tony Escamilla (NY, USA)
Scope: CD Album Design.

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Linda Schubert

Client: Linda Schubert (Santa Clara, CA)
Scope: Ecommerce Website.
Full Ecommerce Website for Linda Schubert's Miracles of the Heart Ministries. Visit Site

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Client: Rosalia (NY, USA)
Scope: CD Album Design, Event Graphics, Social Media Design.
CD Design, Facebook Design as well as website overhaul for Christian Recording artist Rosalia. Visit Site

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El Sembrador

Client: El Sembrador (LA, USA)
Scope:Event Graphics (Flyers & Posters)
El Sembrador is the largest Catholic Ministry in California. They are both an AM radio, broadcast & satellite station, and an organizer various massive events held in the LA convention center. Studio 35 was hired to design the promotional material for their largest event of the year, the Congreso de Familias.

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Principles of Music

Client:Bryan Baker (LA, CA)
Scope:Book Cover Design & Layout.
Titled Principles Of Music, the book delves deeply into truly original and thought provoking methods of improvising and composing, as well as his philosophical look at the totality of a musical experience. Studio 35 designed the cover and book layout, as well as prepared it for print and digital distribution.

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RCC Yuma

Client: RCC Diocese of Yuma (Yuma, Arizona)
Scope: Event Graphics (Flyer & Poster Design).

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Client:Monterey Bay Systems (Salinas, CA)
Scope:Web Design.
Website for Monterey Bay Systems, collaboration in with cc101 productions. Visit Site

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Cena de Mujeres

Client:Jesse Demara (Yuma, Arizona)
Scope:Event Graphics (Flyers).

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Carlos Fabian

Client: Carlos Fabian (NY, USA)
Scope: CD Album Design, Poster Design.

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Para Hablar en Publico

Client:LDM (LA, CA)
Scope:Book Cover Design.
Translating into "How to Speak in Public", the Para Hablar en Publico book is a guide for public speaking.

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Aviva el Fuego

Client:Joan Sanchez & Rio Poderoso (NY, CA)
Scope:Event Graphics (Flyers, Posters, Tickets), T-Shirt Design.
Aviva el Fuego is a large worship concert held in New York every year. Studio 35 was commissioned by Rio Poderoso to design the promotional materials for both the 2011 and 2012 event.

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Client: Karen (CA, USA)
Scope: CD Album Design.

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Bryan Baker

Client: Bryan Baker (LA, CA)
Scope: Web Design, Facebook Design, Twitter Design, Book Cover & Layout.
Supremely intense, industry acclaimed guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, composer, arranger & producer. Rock, blues, alternative, jazz, electronica. Studio 35 was brought on to design Bryan’s website, logo, book cover as well as the complete branding and web presence of his band Black Baptista. Visit Site

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Otro Joven Para Cristo

Client: Otro Joven Para Cristo (Salinas, CA)
Scope: Event Graphics (Flyer Design).
Promotional Poster/Flyer graphics for OJPC Annual Youth Event. The concept is a youths’ search for God. The first graphic is for the youth event, the second is an invitation to the OJPC weekly youth gathering.

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Andy Torres

Client:Andy Torres (NY, USA)
Scope:CD Design, Facebook Design.
CD Cover design for Christian Artist Andy Torres, on his debut album titled “palabras de vida”. Palabras de Vida translates to “Words of Life”. Photography Credits: Fabio Pimentel

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New Name

Client:New Name Ministries (NY, CA)
Scope:Event Graphics (Flyer & Banner Design), Color Printing, Logo Design, T-Shirt Design & Screen Printing, Web Design.
New Name is a catholic ministry based in NY. They organize a series of monthly events called "Live 2 Worship" as well as "Free 2 Worship". I was brought on to create their brochure site, as well as their logo, t-shirts and flyers.

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Desafio Band

Client:Desafio Band (Castroville, CA)
Scope:CD Cover Design, T-Shirt Design, Facebook Graphics.
Desafio is a Catholic Contemporary Christian Music Group from California. Its also my band. I designed the cd cover for our debut cd, as well as T-Shirts & facebook marketing.

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Maggie Camilo

Client:Maggie Camilo (IL, USA)
Scope: Web Design, Facebook Design.
Website for Christian Artist Maggie Camilo. CMS site built on Joomla features a full commerce shop with credit card processing, various galleries for press and images, news section, video player, contact forms, and music previews. I was also commissioned to design and set up her Facebook fan page built on root music. Visit Site

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Preparate para la Pasion

Client:GDJ Yuma (Yuma, Arizona)
Scope:Event Graphics (Flyer & Poster Design), T-Shirt Design & Screen Printing.
GDJ Yuma commisioned Studio 35 to design the promotional material for the concert “preparate para la pasion” as well as “Projecto Pasion Yuma”. While the flyer and t-shirt for the concert is a studio 35 original concept, The flyer for “proyecto pasion” is a reworking of marketing material done by creator.com.uy for the NY Proyecto Pasion.

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Live Your Passion 2011

Client:Jovenes de Jesus Ministries (NJ, USA)
Scope: Event Graphics (Flyer, Poster & Ticket Design).
Flyer, Poster and Ticket design for the Live Your Passion 2011 youth event organized by jovenes de jesus ministries in New Jersey.

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Dios Llamando

Client:New Pentecost Catholic Ministries (Monterey, CA)
Scope:Book Cover Design.
Book Cover Design for the Fr. Peter Sanders' newest book "God Calling".

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Ronald Romero

Client:Ronald Romero (SD, Dominican Republic)
Scope:CD Cover Design, Logo Design, T-Shirt Design.
Ronald Romero is an christian recording artist & evangelist hailing from the D. Republic, where he performs & composes contemporary catholic music. Studio 35 was brought on to design his branding identity, second cd, and various promotional t-shirt designs.

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Salinas Spartans

Client: Salinas Spartans (Salinas, CA)
Scope:Web Design, T-Shirt Design.
The Salinas Spartans is a football team of the NCFL. They comissioned Studio 35 for the design of their website, as well as the promotional t-shirt for their championship win.

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Black Baptista

Client: Black Baptista (LA, USA)
Scope: Logo Design, Poster Design, Web Design, CD Cover Design, T-Shirt Design, Facebook Design, Twitter Design, Press Booklet
Black Baptista plays blues & roots influenced rock & roll with energy, atmosphere & power entirely their own. I was brought on to design their logo, website, Facebook and twitter pages, many venue posters, shirts and their debut release album cover “Thread the Needle”.

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Client:Salmo 33 (TX, USA)
Scope:CD Cover Design.
D'Fe is contemporary worship trio from the Dominican Republic. Studio 35 was brought on to design the digipak for their newest album.

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Ministry Logo Designs

Client: Pablo Martinez, Sandy Caldera,
Salmo 33, Inspira2
Scope:Logo Design.
A collection of my favorite logo designs for various ministries.

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Shop Logo Designs

Client: Missy Briscoe, Kash Collection, Bump Naples, Bamboo Throw
Scope:Logo Design, E-Commerce Web Design & Social Media Design.
A collection of my favorite logo designs from various online shops.

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Various T-Shirt Designs